About the Institute

The Cybercrime Research Institute (CRI) is a privately operated think-tank and research institution. It was founded in 2009 by Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke. The purpose of the institute is to provide state of the art research and consultancy service related to strategic, legal, policy and leadership matters to private and public sector. Since the foundation CRI has been operating on all continents and provided services to numerous governments and Fortune 500 companies. The headquarter with one of the largest libraries in the field of Cybercrime and Cybersecurity literature is located in Cologne, Germany.

CRI is committed to providing highest standards when it comes to research and consultancy. To insure these standards CRI is working with a network of  some of the most respected experts in their fields. These are long lasting work relations that are mainly based on individual contracting for specific research or consultancy projects.


CRI participates in various research project – both privately funded as well as funded by international institutions such as the European Union. It was part of a consortium that developed the research agenda related to Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism for the European Commission. Members of the institute are and were advising various bodies such as Interpol, Europol, United Nations, International Telecommunication Union, Council of Europe and numerous governments. The researchers affiliated with CRI gave more than 2500 speeches and published more than 250 scientific articles and books in the field of Cybercrime and Cybercrime –including NewYorkTimesbestseller.

Innovation Lab

CRI hosts an innovation lab that focuses on future technology and the implications for security and society. Current research and developments includes artificial intelligence/machine learning, robots and drones. The innovation department is actively developing solutions and in addition participates in different research projects.


CRI and the affiliated researchers provide consultancy services for the highest levels of government (ministerial level and directors), Fortune 500 companies (boards, advisory boards and crisis management teams) and international organizations. These consultancy service mainly focus on decision making in relation to technical developments and security threats. It includes the development of Cybersecurity policies and strategies, supporting top decision makers to improving their response capacities and developing emergency response plans. CRI developed a unique approach to the advisory. The entire service is built around the simulations.

Simulation for top management

CRI developed a „Live Cyber Incident Simulation for Top Management“. This tool is for several years utilized by governments, large enterprises, international organizations and conferences to provide high-level decision makers with awareness raising as well as response training opportunities. The target audience for this simulation tool is highly demanding and the tool was drafted accordingly. It is highly interactive, fully dynamic to respond to the decisions taken and includes high quality media (such as videos including fictitious news reports).